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GPS/GLONASS TEHOS Monitoring System

Enjoy the interface that combines flexibility, operativity and easiness of use.
Get the tools and information you need, which you may comfortably use both on a personal computer and on mobile devices

Online Supervision

Real-time object tracking is realised with the help of a personal computer or a mobile device. You do not need to install special programmes either on the personal computer, on the company’s server, for these purposes. It is enough only to enter the web-interface through the browser, using your login and password.

GPS/GLONASS Fine Location

Satellite navigation signals provide the split-hair accuracy of your location, speed and motion direction. Actual and accurate information allows controlling the objects online and viewing the detailed trip history.

Actual Information and Telemetry

Besides motion parameters, you may also see the information of the car’s sensors and on-board systems in the real-time mode. Control remotely the engine blocking, starting preheater, autostart module and other systems. All the information is located on the widget panel, appearance of which you may adjust according to your needs.


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Trip History

The monitoring system keeps the detailed trip history for 18 or 36 months. You may display a trip on the map or make a travel report for the targeted period, at any moment.

Trip List

The entire travel route for the period chosen is divided into individual trips separates by stops, for the purpose of clarity. In this case, there is indicated for each trip: address, date, time of beginning and time of termination, total distance and duration, and average speed. The system allows displaying the trip list for different periods or simultaneously for several chosen surveillance objects. Selection of the colouring scheme for individual trips allows visually comparing the trips, avoiding any confusions.

Detailed Information

Clicking any point of your trip, you may get additional information about motion parameters in this segment, such as speed, time and mileage from the motion start.


Fuel Management

Get accurate, complete and trustworthy information about real fuel use and real fill-up volume. Exclude emptying, frauds with cheques and other fuel machinations from the part of the drivers. The fuel management function in the TEHOS Monitoring System provides all the tools required in this regard.

It allows you controlling:
• Fill-up. Date, time, place and volume of fill-ups.
• Overall consumption, consumption per 100-km distance – during any indicated period.
• Emptying. Date, time, place and volume of emptying.
• Information about current fuel volume during any period of time.
• Use of special digital and analogous fuel level units.

In case of vehicles with several tanks or large-volume tanks, there is provided the option of installing several metering units. Setting of the unit parameters and calibration charts is realised through a graphic interface (this operation is realised, as a rule, by the equipment installer).

Instantly find out about fuel drains, refueling

Often, in order to stop the theft of fuel, you must immediately react to the situation – for example, call the driver or arrive on the spot. Instant notifications will help your customers cope with this task. As soon as the level of fuel in the tank drops sharply, the monitoring system will immediately send a notification of the incident to the smartphone of the manager, email or the WEB interface. Moreover, the client will see the exact place where this happens.

Business Analytics

The TEHOS Monitoring System allows comprehensively analysing the information on working efficiency of the mobile personnel, transport use and cargo carriage. All navigation and telemetric information from the GPS / GLONASS / GPRS devices is processed by the monitoring system and is presented visually – in the form of tabular reports and charts, for these purposes.

Report Types

The reports are divided into functional groups, depending on their main use, for ease of use. Below there is presented a list of such groups and the most frequently used reports:
• Trips. Trip history with detailed information, mileage and stop history.
• Geofences. Visits to geofences, control of deviations from the route scheduled.
• Safety and Guarding. Vehicle protection, troubling events.
• Transport use. Moto hours, fuel consumption, meter readings.
• Driving quality. Overspeeding, increased consumption of fuel, oil and lubricants, and so on.
• And many others.


Event Notification

The TEHOS Monitoring System allows controlling a wide range of events, basing on the location of the objects supervised. Parameters of such events and ways of notification may be flexibly set by the user.

Types of Controlled Events

The types of recorded events may be divided into two groups – those ones not depending on the GPS-tracker model and those ones determined by specific functions of the device and/or connection scheme. The first type includes such events as entering the geofence, and the second type comprises, for instance, road accident sensor actuating. In general, there are many types of supportable events. However, they may be easily set up with the help of a user-friendly assistant helping to create controlling rules.

On-Screen, Telephone and E-Mail Notifications

When fixing an event, the system immediately informs the user – through an on-screen, telephone or e-mail message (SMS-notification or a robocall). You may indicate any number of contacts.


Remote Management

The possibility to manage remotely the GPS/GLONASS trackers directly from the user’s web-interface is one of the main unique advantages of the TEHOS Monitoring System.

Supervision from Mobile Devices

While you are on your way or on the production site, you may continue supervising your objects, if only you have a cellular telephone or a tablet PC at hand.The mobile app lets you monitor your items with mobile phones or tablets running iOS and Android.

Mobile Version


• Online location of the objects on the map
• Trip and event history on the map, over any period
• Your own location against the objects
• Notifications about geo-events you have set up
• Selection of the map appearance: streets and satellite images